Biological Soft X-ray Tomography @ M&M Minneapolis Conference 2023

It was great to see the biological soft X-ray tomography community reunited in Minneapolis during the M&M meeting 2023. We had several insightful talks and we saw the progresses made by X-ray imaging in the past years.

Thanks for all who joined the workshop B08.1 and ad majora!

You can download and visualize talks and posters presented during the Soft X-ray tomography workshop here.

Figure 1: The Soft X-ray Tomography community at the end of the workshop. From the left Tony McEnroe (SiriusXT), Maria Harkiolaki (Diamond), Daniel Wüstner (University of Southern Denmark), Jian-Hua Chen (University of California, San Francisco), Kate L. White (University of Southern California), Kendra Turk-Kubo (University of California, Santa Cruz), Maija Vihinen-Ranta (University of Jyväskylä), Venera Weinhardt (University of Heidelberg), Ayse Erozan (University of Heidelberg), Valentina Loconte (University of California, San Francisco), Samuel Isaacson (Boston University), Carolyn Larabell (University of California, San Francisco and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Kenneth Fahy (SiriusXT), Andrea Sorrentino (Alba), Sergey Kapishnikov (SiriusXT).